Wednesday, 14 January 2015

5 Tips For The Right Car Modification

Who doesn’t want his or her car to stand out? There’s a part of us that want people to gaze over our cars. And to achieve a successful attraction, the car must look beyond typical, simple or run of the mill.

Depending upon the build, our budgets and our tastes, we modify our cars to make them distinctive. The good thing is that a simple mod like an HID Kit can make it unique. Of course some go as far as completely changing the looks, leaving only few of original parts intact. 

A person’s creativity and tastes are also reflected from the mod. So if you are here for modification tips, you might just get them. 

1. The first rule is to be you. If you try to copy someone whose car looks good with that particular customization, it could just be or it could be the fact that his car is different.

2. So based on the first rule, know your car. Know its origins, build, style and everything else. Modification becomes easier once you get to know more about your vehicle. An example would be to se Italian mod for Italian car. 

3. Don’t get carried away. Modification can be tempting, especially if you have big sums in your wallet. More isn’t always better. There are people who replace classic parts with new ones that make car look stupid instead of chic. What a waste of time and money.

4. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Like I said, some cars require a couple of touches here and there and they’re ready to steal the show. If you have such a car, don’t overdo the customization.

5. Don’t give up performance for looks. Some of the fitted parts are optimized for performance. Don’t ditch them so your car can garner more looks.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Got an Old Muscle Car in the Backyard? Reasons to Resto-Mod Muscle Cars

Muscle cars brought a big change in thinking of a consumer – of a driver. Unfortunately or fortunately, as time passed, trends changed and people shifted to faster, “better looking” vehicles.
But have heart. If your backyard still has that washed-out car, you might be able to put that hunk to good use. 

People get rid of their muscle cars like worthless trash but if you can spend a couple of hundred pounds, it can become center of attention at any road you drive.

Restoring and modifying your car for satisfaction:
This is the primary need for any resto-mod. A car that looks modish and a car that attracts attention like a magnet. A satisfactory resto-mod includes restoration of old parts and addition of new for the fresh appearance. There are also modifications that boost performance of 70’s muscle cars.

Restoring will make the muscle car invaluable
It goes without saying that muscle cars, since the recent boom in racer movies like Fast and the Furious, have become invaluable. But if you really wish to make the car stand out, you must settle for nothing less than the best.

You get another car with restoration
And, if you were thinking of replacing your older vehicle with a new one, how’s this for a change? In only a few hundred pounds, you now have two cars – your existing car and the restored one.
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Monday, 12 January 2015

Why Body Kit Mods Mean More than Just Looks?

Body kits have been thought to be a synonym to flashy statements, but though appearance is a key reason, it’s not the only. Ordinary drivers desirous of well-groomed vehicle can also use these modifications.

Modification also goes beyond our beliefs in that a simplest mod can also enhance the vehicle’s performance. Just adding a spoiler can decrease the friction and make the car more aerodynamic. With an uncomplicated as a spoiler, one can even save fuel costs since the drag is reduced.

The Cost Involved
Surely a person affording a car and the expenses that tag along can also bear a meager price of few pounds over the benefits he/she is reaping. Soaring demands have made body kits rather easy on the pocket. 

For cost-conscious there are economical mods like wraps and rims which can seriously accentuate the ride’s visuals and also work as a protective layer. It’s more mileage for every pound than you think. Modification has now attained Britain’s attention and with more cars hitting the road every day, the landscape of customization will only rise. 

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