Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What Little Things You Can Do To Modify Your Car? Here They Are!

I will admit it – the trend of car modification is getting hotter and hotter. You and I have a larger than life choice of personalization options for our autos. And when we do spend a good amount of time in them every day, why not make that time worth the while? So, where and what to begin with? 

Interior – Always Interior

If it is your leap of faith towards customization, I would advise looking for best value. Modding is about getting the bang out of your buck. And there are more reasons to mod the interior than exterior.
·         It’s about you, and you are more concerned with interior.
·         You need comfort when you drive, not what the world thinks about your car.
·         Exteriors are expensive, interiors are not.
·         Smoother, better interior will enhance your driving experience.

Where to Start?
Begin with dash trim. You can get them in carbon fibre, aluminium, vinyl and wood grain variants. Vinyl is the cheapest and within a hundred pounds, your interior will feel like that of a completely different car.
Your next mod can be pedals and knobs. Make them match your dash trim and see the interior become irresistibly appealing. The cost for both combined is under £100.
Next are gauges. You can pick from white gauges, digital or designer gauges. Just make sure you match the mod with the rest of interior and in a couple of hundred pounds, your car will become a newer model.
And now the floor mats. Use them to protect the carpet underneath. Match the theme and throw in some neon to spotlight them.

To a driver who spends most of his time inside rather than admiring exterior beauty, interior customisation matters more than exterior personalisation. This is why beginning with interiors is almost always recommended for first timers. Once the driver gets the hang of it, then he can move onto exteriors.

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