Monday, 25 August 2014

Do You Want to Know about Xenon H7 HID? Check this out

Maxautos UK H7, H7R, & H7C hid conversion kits make a pitch to give efficient OEM grade xenon hid headlights that comes with anti-glaring color temperatures. Firstly, determine if the bulb for your make and model is whether h7 or h7C specified in 35w 55w or 100 watts power pack.

Give an attractive upgrade to your vehicle with Maxautos 35w, 55w H7 hid conversion kits with can-bus ready technology supplying 2nd generation aftermarket kits that have built-in separate igniter for lustrous brightening to expanded visibility. Our h7 hid kits are subject to individual quality approval to ensure efficient delivery via online shopping of hid conversion kits in all of Britain.

We come out as the official aftermarket online retailers of h7 hid conversion kits in all of the UK which sells genuine 100% all terrain weather proof kits producing double light output discharging abundant lumens each second giving off 3000-3500 service life hours. Fine tune to choose between scintillating 4300K (crystal white light), 5000K (daylight shine), 6000K (diamond white bright), 8000K (iceberg blue), 10000K (brilliant blue) & 12000K (exotic violet) color temperatures; therefore, H7 bulb types are held in metal bulb holding to bear exceeding heat.

Combining separate ballasts into the h7 conversion kits, our experts acquired hid ballasts with improved configuration giving extended the bulb’s service life hours. Xenon hid bulbs require 20, 000 volts to ignite that is in comparison higher than the power halogen bulbs draw from standard 12V. It is advised to use hid relay harness to prevent uneven light output, delayed startup or fluctuating light output. Harness wiring constitutes resistors & capacitors wired to draw moderate electrical current controlled from the ballasts. 

Highly optimized h7 hid kits supplied at are rendered with advanced installation guidelines making aftermarket hid kits a legal product in addition to passing MoT & VOSA regulations as of 2010. H7 hid kits of Maxautos UK are internationally recognized unlike other online hid kits retailers have had numerous complaints posted by consumers of how dash light warning gave off an error or at times the bulbs died entirely.

Our secret to selling high performance xenon hid kits is largely accredited to expert guides & follow-ups of U.S & European car manufacturers we followed on producing optimized kits on a mass level that had allowed extensive 24-30 months running warranty.

Opt for our bulb type H7 H7c explained anti-glare 35W, 55W H7/H7C/H7R hid conversion kits specially designed for optimum xenon hid bulbs and its classifying types.

What’s in the box?
- Standard pair (2x) xenon h7 bulbs
- (2x) maxautos can-bus slim ballasts
- relay harness wiring, brackets.
 - (2x) connecting clamps
 - maxautos ECU controller
 - road legal h7 hid kits
 - reduced energy consumption by 30%

($$$) Million-dollar tip: To avoid hefty fines in UK, abide by installing self-leveling and headlamp washing system to pass the MoT.

Easy plug and play operation for quick installation, our h7 hid kits is an ultimate round up choice for effortless conversion to xenon hid lights with 100% climate proof equipment. 3 times brighter than the factory halogen bulbs our powerful xenon conversion kits are exclusively built for all makes & models of, Audi, BMW, Cherokee, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Peugeot, Subaru, Volkswagen, or Volvo.

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