Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Why Need 35W Can-bus Hid Ballast Replacement for Xenon Hid Kits?

Canbus AC Ballasts

Top quality can-bus ready slim ballasts ensure steady current flow to stabilize flickering issues, dash warning errors; installing CAN-bus ready ballasts are compatible with all vehicle models to work flawlessly with xenon hid conversion kits. Built-in capacitors work parallel with resistors that prevents shorting you’re onboard electrical components.

AC Ballast or DC Ballast

DC Ballasts have a shorter bulb life, and ballast life, but costs cheap as little as $24.99
AC ballasts have much longer bulb and ballast life; gives alternative current giving brighter glare, but these are a bit expensive.

Lights keep flickering after I install hid bulbs

standard hid kits lack canbus system to control the voltage. If after installation your lights flicker it means ballasts is not getting full voltage needed to ignite the bulbs. To solve this, connect the maxautos relay wiring harness with which the battery is directly connected, powering the ballast as well. The low voltage is capable of switching the relay to draw a full 12V from the battery.

Lights keep flickering even after installing CAN-bus ballast

In case of standard ballasts that lack relay & resistors will continue to confuse the ECU by not letting it recognize the hid bulbs in place; thus, the flickering continues. If you get a ‘’lamp out’’ dash warning caused by low wattage of a 35W hid kit as compared to 55W halogen bulb, then install a warning canceller. The reason behind this is the halogen bulb being 55W and the HID being 35W.

What’s the purpose of Warning Canceller?

Warning light canceller as in cancels the warning light from turning on that signals about the blown out bulb. CAN-bus decoder/canceller detects when the bulb is burnt. Different reading of wattage by the vehicle causes the current to fluctuate and results a blown out light in the absence of relays or capacitors.

Maxautos 12V 35W Slim Ballasts with Warning Cancelers

Best replacement hid ballast for aftermarket HID kits; even though it’s fairly cheap to be recommended for all make & models of BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Dodge hid conversion kit installation. Equipped with built-in warning canceller system, maxautos UK canbus ballast will manipulate the ECU into thinking it is running at 55W, when in reality it will be powering at 35W for proper functioning of xenon HID bulbs.

Maxautos hid ballast features

- built-in warning cancellers
- OEM grade components
- 12V 35W
- exterminates radio interference issue
- suitable for H7 hid bulbs
- manufacturer’s warranty

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