Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Why Decide to Upgrade on Bi Xenon Hid Kits Retrofitting?

High low hid kits powering through single light bulb for both high and low beam headlights are also widely known as ’high low hid kits’ fitted in sports bikes, and vehicles. Each bi xenon hid kit is classified by individual types named into H4 (9003/ HB4 in general), H13 (known as 9008), 9004 (HB 1 known in general) or else 9007 (known by HB 5).


Xenon HID might fail at installation due to the fact of the difference in xenon bulb sizes connecting through your high beam, and low beam. Each bulb has a separate pin pattern associated with it that may fail at switching from low to high beam. In spite of the hid fail at switching to its high beam it’s because the hid was installed with no modification, so enable bright those bright lights using high beam for low beam and vice versa.

In that case you might experience a problem; when switching from low to high beam, there’s a possibility that your hid won’t respond or stay totally idle.
The bottom line is to acquire the same power drain via maxautos bi xenon hid kits as the standard bulb.

Self-leveling system is built on smart technology controlled by adaptive sensors for adjusting headlights systems. To understand how this works consider driving a car over bumps, the headlights lift up. You might have noticed this when cars driving behind you at night going over bumps as if the driver had blinked high beams through his hid projector headlights briefly. As it is self defined, dedicated leveling system coordinates via electric servomotors reacting to pointing sensors keeping the headlights aimed down at the road regardless of position of the car instead of blinding others. 

It is now a regulatory requirement followed by European and U.S car manufactures to factory fit headlight washing and self leveling system ordered by the VOSA to pass the MoT vehicle test.

Tip: Give a quick wipe to the headlight glass to notice an amazing improvement in your light output.

Retrofitting your halogen lamps with bi xenon hid kits is not a bad thing if done the right way. 

You’ll most certainly enjoy 4500K or 6000K cool blue temperatures. Buyers beware of defunct china-made headlights known to damage electrical systems, burned headlights brining permanent damage to plastic headlamp lenses. Attractive pricing means cutting through substandard wiring relays causing problems.

Maxautos UK is known for supplying genuine bi xenon hid kits, bi xenon projectors for bikes with high grade equipment that is factory guaranteed. 

Need to talk to experts? visit us at http://www.maxautos.co.uk – your only source of legal hid conversion kits in all of Britain.

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