Thursday, 21 August 2014

How to Install Bi-Xenon HID Kits by Yourself in Less Than An Hour?

Don’t like that dim result of your headlights? Then take out those old lights and upgrade to Bi-Xenon HID headlights today. Bi-Xenon HID headlights are more illuminating and durable than those old halogen headlights. They keep radiating even when hi-beams are turned on, and they are power-friendly. For those convinced, here is the best part – installing them is as easy as counting 1 to 10 and takes no more than an hour at best.

Step 1
Turn off your car and open the hood.

Step 2
Take a crescent wrench and loosen the negative terminal of your battery. Wrap the terminal with non-conducting tape as a precaution and to avoid accidental reconnection.

Step 3
Do the same with positive battery cable but don’t tape it. Now connect the positive cable with positive lead from Bi-Xenon wire with a locking nut.

Step 4
Now, to ground Bi-Xenon circuit, insert neck of chassis bolt through the wiring harness after removing chassis bolt with a socket wrench. With that taken care of, tighten the bolt back onto chassis.

Step 5
After grounding, run the cables from engine to headlight assembly. To tie the cables in engine compartment, use zip ties.

Step 6
Next, mount ballast on to the rear of each side’s headlight assembly, i.e. passenger side and the driver side.

Step 7
Now plug the Bi-Xenon power cable into the ballast on each side. 

Step 8
Next, press on side tabs of headlight wiring harness on both sides, then pull off the harness. Then plug headlight harness into the ballast, again for both driver and passenger sides.

Step 9
After that, pull off the shroud from assembly’s back. Unfasten the retaining clip that holds your current headlight. Take out your head light bulb. Now insert your new Bi-Xenon bulb and reengage the metal clip. Place the shroud back. Repeat the procedure for other assembly as well.

Step 10
Finally, plug the ballast back into the socket of headlight bulb of both sides.

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